Gluten Free Hong Kong

Great restaurants with delicious food, whether you are gluten free or not.

Yard Bird

If you’re a chicken-lover, this place is your heaven. At this izakaya style restaurant you can order chicken virtually every way it can be served (fried, wings, soup, etc.) and they also make dishes with almost every part of a chicken (heart, neck, knee etc.). It’s a sharing style menu so most of the chicken dishes come out on skewers (yakitori), but there are also some delicious sides! My favourite was the KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) with yuzu and chilli. Another thing to note is the service was IMPECCABLE. The waiter was super genuine, helpful, and chill. ALSO — when we went to Yardbird they didn’t have a liquor license (apparently due to a paperwork issue?). This worked in our favour because it was BYOB!
GLUTEN FREE:  The server was unbelievably accommodating, knowledgable, and attentive when it came to my gluten free needs. He knew exactly what I could have and what I couldn’t, and they would substitute anything I couldn’t have with something else so that I wouldn’t miss out on any of the rounds of food. The majority of the menu is gluten free.


I can’t even tell you how many times we ate here because it was so often. The service is not the greatest, but the food is consistently delicious. It was the best spot we found for Vietnamese cuisine in Hong Kong, or SPOTS I should say because there are actually two locations. The food is the same at both, but if you are looking for a bit of a better atmosphere go to the one in Central (on Wellington).
GLUTEN FREE: I got the beef pho dish every time and just added some Sriracha (because I love spicy) and I never had a problem. There are definitely other dishes on the menu that are gluten free, I just loved the pho so much I didn’t venture away from it.

La Creperie

True french cuisine in a perfectly charming atmosphere. The owner is French, so you know it’s legit! Crepes both savoury and sweet, made with nothing but the freshest ingredients. This is a great spot for breakfast our lunch…or brunch! You’ll feel like you’ve travelled in time to France with every bite.
GLUTEN FREE: They have gluten free crepes!!! Rejoice!! Make sure you let the waiter know you want it gluten free though because although all the savoury crepes are made with buckwheat, they will use a gluten-filled crepe for the sweet options unless you request otherwise.

The Ritz Carlton Lounge and Bar

There are two Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton (Tin Lung Heen and Tosca), so you can bet the food at the Lounge and Bar is also top notch (it is). The menu has a variety of cuisines from Chinese and American (burgers, sandwiches) to Italian (pastas). This restaurant in the Ritz is less fancy than the other two so you do not need to worry about dressing up, unless you want to. But really, other than the food, the biggest draw for this venue is the floor-to-ceiling windows offering one of the best views in the city. It is a pricier spot, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of location, food quality, service and ambiance.
GLUTEN FREE: The Lounge and Bar had gluten free bread as well as gluten free pasta! I ended up getting the carbonara and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Creamy sauce with perfectly salty bits of pancetta and noodles cooked al dente. You can also get any of the sandwiches/burgers with the gluten free bread. 


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