Until this point I had been somewhat disappointed with shopping in Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong, the Ladies Market is great if you’re on the hunt for a fake designer purse or a cellphone case with googly eyes on it. And Causeway Bay has all the big stores like Apple, Forever 21, Louis Vuitton, etc…but considering how many products are made in China, I was not looking for stores I could find back home, I was looking for deals.


Enter Fa Yuen Street — lined with shop after shop of cheap, no-name, trendy clothing.


But there are some things you should know if you are planning on shopping here…

First, you CANNOT try on the clothes.

In the first shop we visited we immediately tried to put on items we’d picked up.  The shop owner yelled something at us in Cantonese and pointed at a sign that said ‘NO TRY ON’. OK, fine. 

This was a norm in most of the stores. We were told it is because the clothing is so inexpensive. 

The second important thing to know is that the majority of the clothes are one size fits all.

So if you are like me, and are taller than the average Chinese person, don’t even try to venture into the pants section. The sleeves on long-sleeve shirts and sweaters were just barely an acceptable length on me, but I often scrunch up my sleeves anyway so that wasn’t a problem. 

I did manage to persuade the attendant in one store to let me try on a pair of overalls and yeah, those were a no-go.

You will also quickly discover that all the clothing for sale is actually kept in the back of the store.

They have a sample of each item in the front for you to look at, but then once you choose what you want they will get a new one for you from that back that is wrapped in plastic. So, if you find an item of clothing in the store that is damaged, no fear! You will be getting a new one anyway.

Also — most places charge for plastic bags.  

It’s like less than a penny, but if you want to be economical and eco-friendly, just bring your own bag.

Here are some of the items I purchased. As expected, the lower priced pieces aren’t of the highest quality, but for the style and the price, I thought it was worth

I got the blue checkered shirt for 50 HKD (or about $8.60 Canadian).

At many of the stores EVERYTHING will be 50 HKD but there are also a number of stores that carry higher-quality items. For example, the other blue blouse was 200 HKD.

There are a lot of shoe stores along Fa Yuen street as well. But as you may have guessed, the largest size is often a US 8. Personally, I didn’t really like the selection of shoes in any of the stores. They all have a similar selection and I found that the majority of them are very low quality (no real leather).



  • Cash only, credit cards are not accepted.
  • Almost everything is one-size-fits-all.
  • You are not allowed to try anything on (some stores are more flexible and may let you put on the odd jacket, if you’re nice).
  • Bring your own bag or you will have to pay for bags at the stores.


  • Get to the Mong Kok MTR station and take exit A. The clothing market on Fa Yuen Street begins at Mong Kong Road.